6 reasons to choose Online Live Courses


Digital education is growing bigger and bigger as it allows us to gain skills and knowledge directly from home without quitting our job, at our pace, according to our hours. There are plenty of online courses out there offering all sorts of education: from literature to robotics. I guess you know everything about it.

We all know about tutorials and interactive courses as Lynda or Codecademy. They’re all great, but what about engagement? What about motivation?

Online live courses are proven to be the most effective way to gain education and skills on the internet; and here are six reasons why.


  1. Stay engaged

Life is complicated and busy. It might be our job combined to our family, our friends, date, companion, hobbies, sports or you name it. So if you are going to choose an online platform to gain education or skills to improve on your job or to change career you really have to struggle to organise your time.

Without a prescheduled lesson at some hour and at some day of the week we just tend to procrastinate: “Oh I’ll do it later, I have time!”

Online Live Courses put you in the condition to have a planned class to follow weekly. There is going to be someone to talk to, to ask questions to, to keep you motivated throughout your studies pathway.


  1. Stay Focused

We all know studying is not only about how intelligent we are, it’s about method and strength of will. There is a method for each subject, a way to approach the focal points, and we might not know how to recognize them straight away. Online learning is a huge resource in terms of time and money saving, but without a direct and constant contact with a teacher that is there to help us, a lack of self-management can turn the experience in just the opposite: a waste of money and time.

  1. At your pace

Online live courses imply a weekly appointment with our personal tutor. The teacher is ready to help us leverage on our strengths, he works out with us what we need from the course and what we could actually do with the skills we acquire. It’s a tailored learning experience in terms of all the practical aspects of our life and personal profile.


  1. Measure your progress

Online Live courses can truly be an effective way to measure our progress. Some platforms provide a private area where you can check your improvements. Only by monitoring your progress and knowing your mistakes, you are able to adjust and improve your performance.

  1. It is not a webinar

Webinars are yet important tools to go in depth with some aspects of the subject. Online Live courses are used as an effective and constant tool to help you organise your studies, to give you perseverance and get out the most from what you need from the course. We are just not all the same!